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Crystals and the Healing Power

Crystals are precious gemstones that contain immense healing power and have been used in medical and spiritual therapy for centuries. Ancient Sumerians had used crystals in their formula more than 4000 years ago. Ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome all have records of making jewelry out of crystals for protection or health. Buddhism and Hinduism have also practiced crystals in their meditation routines. Nowadays, more people have recognized the healing power of crystals and use them to release mental pressure, ease physical distress, and unblock chakras.

How Do Crystals Work?

Crystals are remarkable natural substances discovered beneath the earth. They are capable of resonating in specific energy fields. Each type of crystal has a unique energy field related to its crystalline structure, providing it with the extraordinary power to transfer particular energy into and out of the body. Just placing the crystal near your body is sufficient to heal you physically or mentally.

How to Choose Your Crystals?

Every crystal has its own property, so it depends on what you need the most or what is your favorite. Some stones work best for healing physical ailments, and some others add exceptional benefits to meditation or inspiration. Identifying your need is the first step to find the right crystal.

Are you eager to choose a crystal for yourself already? Here is a list of 6 popular crystals.

  • Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is considered a master healer and amplifies energy by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating it. Due to its clarity, it works as a bridge connecting your physical self and the spiritual realm. It can unite you with your higher self, intuition, and spirit guides. Clear quartz is a perfect stone for beginners, and it is often paired with other crystals to aid and enhance their abilities.

  • Amethyst

Whether you are looking for solace from a busy day or needing help to fall asleep, amethyst offers calming energy to your body and mind. It can relieve stress and sadness, and remove negative energy. It also makes a nice decoration in the bedroom.

  • Turquoise

This blue crystal has powers that are said to help heal the mind, body, and soul. Generally speaking, it is regarded as a good luck charm that can assist in balancing your emotions and finding your spiritual groundings. It can stabilize mood swings by aligning the chakras, making it a popular crystal for calming fears and tiredness in daunting situations.

  • Rose-Quartz

Rose quartz is a popular crystal for love, both love for others and love for yourself. It can boost your confidence as well as improve your relationship with others. A rose quartz pendant necklace is ideal for promoting self-love because it hangs near the heart.

  • Moonstone

Moonstone is an ideal stone for people who are looking for a new beginning or change in their life. It works well for encouraging your inner growth and strength. It also soothes any uneasy feelings of stress and instability to help you improve successfully. You can place the stone in your work or study place to promote positive thinking, intuition, and inspiration while bringing forth success and good fortune.

  • Obsidian

Obsidian is very effective in providing a rich sense of security. It serves as a shield against negative energy. It can also help you feel more grounded, thus removing emotional blockage and bringing you clarity of mind. Obsidian can guide you to your true self.

When selecting a crystal, all you need to consider is your gut feeling. You’d better trust your instinct to find the best crystal. Your body knows what you need naturally, and it can resonate with the most suitable crystals. If you find a crystal you really like, it probably is the correct choice.

Crystals are natural healing tools besides their beautiful looks. You can wear them as jewelry or leave them in their original shapes. Either way, you could receive health benefits as long as you keep them near you. The most important thing is your determined will, which can direct crystals to bring positive changes.

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  1. Susan says:

    I have slept with crystal under my pillow for years. Do you think we should charge our crystals with healing frequencies?

    1. True Scalar says:

      Yes, you can try it.

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