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Health Benefits of Copaiba Oil

Copaiba oil is extracted from the resin of the copaiba tree, which is a type of tree natively grown in South America. Copaiba oil is known for its incredible health benefits and is used traditionally in many medicines to reduce inflammation and kill pathogens.

Health Benefits of Copaiba Oil

Here are some of the benefits and uses of copaiba oil:

1. Pain relief

People with arthritis can get significant pain relief with a gentle massage using copaiba oil. A study has shown that compared to massage with coconut oil, copaiba oil has a better effect in decreasing pain and improving the flexibility and strength of the joints.

2. Anti-inflammation

The anti-inflammatory effect of copaiba oil is impressive in treating various conditions and diseases. It helps reduce the production of some molecules which are causing inflammations. It also helps control the number of oxygen radicals, preventing cell damage from reoccurring.

3. Leishmaniasis

Leishmaniasis is a condition caused by parasites of the genus Leishmania, usually from the bites of sandflies. This disease causes the formation of skin lesions and ulcers. Generally, an oral or a combination of oral and topical treatment can help patients with smaller lesion sizes. Further investigation found that copaiba oil may affect the cellular membranes of the Leishmania parasite.

4. Antimicrobial

Copaiba oil has an antimicrobial property against the bacteria Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause skin and wound infection. Researchers found that copaiba oil can inhibit bacterial growth even at low concentrations.

How to Use Copaiba Oil?

Traditionally, copaiba oil can be inhaled, ingested, or applied topically.

1. Inhalation

Add some copaiba oil to a diffuser, switch on the diffuser and inhale the pleasant fragrance. It helps to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

2. Topical application

Add a few drops of copaiba oil into a cotton ball and apply it gently to the affected skin area. It helps to eliminate acne, eczema, psoriasis, and other skin issues.

3. Ingestion

Add a few drops of copaiba oil to a capsule, tea, or some other food. Avoid placing it directly on your tongue. However, it is necessary to take advice from a doctor before proceeding.

Using Copaiba Oil with Spooky2 Scalar

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You can receive enhanced benefits from copaiba oil when you are in the scalar field. By placing the copaiba oil on the receiver coil, the molecules within the sample will change the signal between the scalar units, and you will get the curative effect of the oil.

Note: Use a glass container for the copaiba oil. Please make sure the container does not have a plastic lid or paper label.

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2 thoughts on “Health Benefits of Copaiba Oil

  1. Bruce Jessop says:

    When you say a glass container that is clear. But I was under the impression that as the bottom of the bottle is glass and the paper label and plastic cap do not touch the receiver, does it really matter? I read last year somewhere that it did not providing the base was glass. Which is it?

    1. True Scalar says:

      Dear Bruce, thanks for your questions and we will update the picture on our website. Some researchers believe that plastic and paper will not affect results. However, we are not sure. To be safe, we recommend using glass containers without a plastic lid or paper label.

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