What Are Scalar Waves?

To understand what scalar waves are, the simplest way is to compare it with electromagnetic waves.

Electromagnetics is used daily to transmit information: radio, television, telephone, wifi, etc. are all used to transmit information. All these ways use electromagnetic waves. The main characteristics of these electromagnetic waves are that their power is strongly attenuated with distance, they propagate with an electrical component and a magnetic component. They have an orientation, perpendicularly to its electrical and magnetic components.

These points imply that it is necessary to put transmitting antennas to keep the signal everywhere and that obstacles (walls and especially metal) attenuate or block electromagnetic waves.

On the other hand, scalar waves are characterized by the fact that it is not blocked by obstacles, they are not attenuated with the distance travelled, they propagate in the direction given at the time of their creation, in the form of a vortex. The term “scalar” is in opposition to “vector”. In the mathematical sense, it is a value, without orientation.

What tesla found is that scalar waves are also capable of transmitting the information. In fact, he had found much more than that. scalar waves travel at speeds different from the speed of light (faster or slower than the speed of light), whereas an electro-magnetic wave always travels at the speed of light.

Nikola Tesla also found that scalar waves can transmit (electrical) energy, wirelessly. Imagine a world without high-voltage power lines!

What Tesla did not perceive is that scalar waves can benefit the “living”. The simple fact of being in a scalar flow allows cells to energize and recharge themselves.

Here is the patent describing the method for transporting energy:

(Source: https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/tesla/patents/system.htm.)

Nikola Tesla does not explain how it works in his patent, and he does not give a name to the physical phenomenon on which the transmission is based, nor to name what allows this transmission.

Scalar waves are not scientifically mastered. There are no measuring devices. the strength, the power of scalar waves cannot be described by devices.

The scientific bases, the measuring devices are missing, but that does not prevent to note that the so-called scalar waves exist. They can transport electrical energy, but in addition, when the device described in his patent is “tuned”, it also gives a physiological feeling that many people perceive when they stand between the 2 coils surmounted by the sphere (see schema in his patent).

Some describe scalar waves as biological waves.

It is this dual feature, this physiological feeling and this information carrying capacity that is exploited in Spooky scalar devices.

The Spooky Scalar device consists of 2 suitcases.

The lids of these cases contain the antenna visible on the patent specification. In order for the scalar wave to be created, the lids of the suitcases must face each other. After linking the cases with a wire, powered the transmitter case containing an embedded generator and tuned the suitcases, scalar waves are created in the alignment of the suitcases.

Physiologically, already, many people feel a flow, which is a pleasant perception.

Then, to make the most of this flow, it is possible to add care information, either

– By adding a Rife frequency with an additive generator (not present in the photo)

– By adding a remedy (homeopathy, essential oil, etc.)

In the vocabulary of electromagnetic waves, one would speak of modulation of information on the existing flux. The existing scalar flow would then be called the carrier. Except that in the field of electromagnetic waves, only the information provided by the additive generator could have been modulated. Here, with this scalar flow, it is possible to convey other information, like biological ones.