For scalar users, you can improve scalar energy through the use of Rife Modulation. It combines the discoveries of Royal Rife with Nikola Tesla. Royal Rife found that pathogens respond to a particular frequency. Spooky2 Scalar can apply this frequency using healing scalar energy. Only Spooky2 Scalar can modulate the original frequencies of Royal Rife, turning Spooky2 Scalar into the world’s most advanced Rife machine. Spooky2 Scalar accepts any frequency from the massive Spooky2 database.

Software & documents

Download the latest version of Spooky2 here. You’ll also find the latest database as well as many useful PDF documents produced by the team. Please remember to check here often so you can stay up to date with everything. The Spooky2 software and manual are updated as necessary.

Full Package:

Spooky2 Starter Pack 20220421
 Contains the latest SpookyFull Installer software, the Spooky2 User’s Guide, the Spooky2 Quick Guide, and the Spooky2 Resources Directory (all separately linked below).

NOTE: The files available on this site are developed in a secure, sandboxed environment fully isolated from the internet. They are guaranteed to be 100% virus-free. Windows 10 and Bit Defender sometimes report false-positives, but this is indicative of flawed virus detection methods.

We recommend disabling your antivirus software during the installation of Spooky2


Spooky2 21st April 2022 Full Installer
(Software, five full databases, drivers, and all support files).
 Complete install. Compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Spooky2 ChainEditor_2.4.1340
♥ Preset/Chained Preset editor for Spooky2.

Software Guides:

Spooky2 User’s Guide 27 January 2022
 Knowledge is power. And everything there is to know about Spooky2 is in here. So get familiar – and take control.

Spooky2 Quick Guide 28 February 2019
 Set up and run your new Spooky Rife System quickly with this guide.

Spooky2Guide de l’Utilisateur Avril 2020
Our gratitude to Sebastien Mercier for translation.

Spooky2 FAQ 19 May 2015
Common user questions answered – and there’s a glossary, too.

Hardware Guides:

Spooky2 GeneratorX User’s Guide February 2018
The information that you need to get started with the world’s most powerful Rife generator.

Spooky Central User’s Guide July 2020
All the know-how you need to get the most from the world’s most amazing Rife machine. Updated for Spooky2 20200701.

Spooky Radionics Manual 2nd Edition
Add the power of esoteric subtle energies to your Spooky2 rig with Spooky Radionics.

Spooky2 Database:

Spooky2 Programs A–Z Oct 2016
Searchable alphabetical list of all condition and pathogen names in the Spooky2 database.

Useful Documents:

Spooky2 in Linux or Mac 17 Aug 2014
How to set up Spooky2 on a Linux or Apple Macintosh computer.

Spooky2 Resources
 All of Spooky2‘s help and technical assistance resources in one PDF with clickable links.

Technical Manuals:

Spooky2–XM Generator User Manual
Manufacturer’s technical manual for the Spooky2-XM range of frequency generators. NOT essential for Spooky2 use.