Scalar Applications

Who can benefit from Scalar Energy?

Have you ever heard about scalar energy? If not, come to New to Scalar and learn more about it.

There are a lot of people wondering if everyone can use scalar machine.

The answer is, all living creatures.

Scalar energy works well on human, plants, farm animals, race horses, wild animals and etc.

Scalar Energy for Human

Scalar energy is a natural treatment, which induces energy to your cells and offers your body much-needed energy. Once your energy level gets improved, you can gradually get rid of bad health condition.

If you’re suffering from Arthritis, Knee Pain, Sleep Disorders, Headaches, Lyme, and even cancer, scalar machine is your best choice. One scalar user who is called Stacy Sun, said: “I have used Spooky2 treating my breast problem and used Spooky2 Scalar for my sister’s Lung Cancer with great success. After using Spooky2 Scalar for three months, the doctor said that the cancer on my sister’s lung was 70% reduced and the water in lungs was totally gone. How amazing it is!”

Note: People who are pregnant or have a pacemaker should not use scalar machine.

Scalar Energy for Animals

Viruses are the main causes of disease outbreaks in animals such as rabies, anthrax, and tuberculosis. It will be difficult to treat diseases caused by viruses because the viruses live inside animal cells. Scalar energy can boost immune system and improve its function. Immune system itself can help kill most of the viruses in animal cells.

A lot of scalar users reported that their pets benefit from scalar energy. Here are two examples:

Scalar Energy for Plants

Plants can also get sick just like us. The sick plant even looks ‘under the weather’ and its leaves may wilt or have holes in it. Put it in scalar field and scalar energy will improve its energy level and promote its growth.

See our testimonials for a variety of experiences using Spooky2 Scalar(scalar device).

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